How to make a Facetime call from your iPhone or iPad

How to make a Facetime call from your iPhone or iPad
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mortgage calculator with extra payments Facetime is an app on iOS operating system, which allows users make video call between two Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macpro and so on. It is virtually free because it uses 3G or Wi-Fi connection instead of traditional phone lines. It runs in the same way with OTT apps such as Tango, Viber, Skype and so on. You should pay attention on article below to know how to make a Facetime call!

If you have used iOS devices for a long time, you definitely knew or heard about Facetime, Apple’s video and audio calling service by using 3G or Wi-Fi. If you have an iPhone from iPhone 4 generation up to now, you utterly can use this special function. Let’s read the instructions below to know how to get some much-needed face time with a friend in no time at all.

  1. How to make a Facetime call from iPhone

Step 1: Click on the Phone icon on your homepage.

cach goi facetime tren iPhone

Step 2: Click on Contacts” to search the friend you want to call in the contact list. The compulsory things are that he/ she also use Apple devices and have Internet connection.

goi facetime tren iPad

Step 3: Click on the FaceTime button next to the camera icon to make a video call.


Step 4: Wait for your friend to answer. In this final step, you can already talk directly to your friend through video call.

  1. How to make a Facetime call from iPad

Step 1: Because iPad does not have Phone function, it sets Facetime app on the Menu by default. You just click on the “Facetime” button.

Step 2: Search and select the friend you would like to connect. Then, click on “Facetime” button next to the camera icon.

Step 3: You can see your friend in the main screen and yourself in a smaller picture on the top right of the screen if the connection is set.

Step 4: You can invert the camera from back- facing to front- facing camera by tapping on “Camera” icon when making a Facetime call. To end the conversation, you tap on Phone icon and Micro icon to turn off the sound.

So that, we just introduce you the way to make a Facetime call from iPhone or iPad. It is an exclusive app on Apple’s devices and other devices run on Android or Windows Phone operating system cannot have it. You utterly can make a video call with high quality by using Facetime app!

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