How to fix an iPhone not charging

How to fix an iPhone not charging
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Fixing the error not to charge battery on the iPhone helps users to continue to charge the battery and use the many exciting features and other services on the iPhone. There are many reasons leading to this error on iPhone. Let’s take a look on this article from to find out how to fix it.

Charging the battery is the main function of every smartphone to continue to provide power for equipment operation. However, someday you charge the battery charger but it says not charging. So, what are the reasons of this error and how can we fix it? Read the below article to know how to fix it.If your iPhone battery charges up slowly, you can easily fix it with the previous post which introduced before.

  1. Reasons of iPhone not charging
  • You plug the charger into iPhone but it still does not confirm to being charged. Perhaps it is due to damaged charging or connecting capable. Loose plug end of capable or charging port is also another reason of this error.
  • iPhone has received the connection with the charger but the percentage of battery still remain. The reason is damaged battery.

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  1. How to fix iPhone not charging
  • Check the charging capable: If you plug the charger without seeing any phenomenon, you should not throw away this charger because it probably wastes. Firstly, you need to double-check whether it has any faults. Then, use a different cable to connect charger tubers to know which parts have error. Finally, you just need to replace this damaged part, which can save amount of money.

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  • Check the charging port: If your charger still charges up normally for other iPhone, you should check the plug end of charger. Because it has not been clean up yet for a long time, it may be covered by dust, which make its point of contact become weaker. Please use cotton to clean the plug end of charger and try again.

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  • Change the new battery for iPhone: Another reason for this error is the damaged battery. Its manifestation is the battery does not change while charging. You should change another battery in this case.

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  • Go to the mobile store: If you followed above steps but the error still is not fixed, it may be the fault of main or hardware. In this case, you should go to the mobile store because you cannot fix by yourself. has just shared with you some small and useful tips to fix iPhone not charging. We hope you can fix this error. Besides, you should check imei iPhone to avoid buying the fake goods.

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