How to check iPhone and iPad Battery Cycle Count

How to check iPhone and iPad Battery Cycle Count
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Checking Cycle Count of iPhone/iPad battery helps you to know how many times your devices were charged up from its production date. If Li-on batteries are charged 300 to 500 times, their productivity will reduce up to 80 percent. Now you can check your iPhone/ iPad Battery Cycle Count with our instruction.

Battery is always one of the biggest concerns of producers as well as customer in the smartphone era.  You should use Cycle Count to check your iPhone/ iPad Battery Cycle before purchasing them from old owners or to check the devices you are using. One Cycle Count is equivalent to one time you use battery from 100% down to 0%. For example, today you use 30% of battery and you continue to charge it up, tomorrow you use 70% of battery. It is one battery cycle (30%+ 70%=100%).

iPhone/ iPad use Li-on battery and it will reduce in productivity after being charged 300-500 times. You can use this below tip to check your iPhone before purchasing from other people; however, it probably will be affected by some factors like temperature and so on. Moreover, you should read the article “How to check whether iPhone/ iPad has iCloud error or not”.

How to check Cycle Count of iPhone/iPad battery 


  • Download the newest version of iBackupBot for laptop
  • Download iTunes to make sure that iBackupBot can run normally on your laptop.

Step 1: After setting iBackupBot, you launch it and connect your iPhone with laptop through capable. Then, select the device name.

kiem tra Cycle Count cua pin iPhone

Step 2: Click More Information

kiem tra chu ky pin iPhone

Step 3: iBackupBot will pop up a window to show some information about your device, include the Battery Cycle Count, memory and more. The first section is Cycle Count. My battery Cycle Count is 590 Cycles.

 cach kiem tra pin iPhone 

That is our instruction for you to check your iPhone/ iPad Battery Cycle Count. It is very easy, is not it? Hope that you can choose the device with the best battery, avoid the too old ones or ones with too many battery cycles.

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