How to fix run out of storage on iPhone

How to fix run out of storage on iPhone
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Check for the most trusted writing companies reviews by college students When using smart phones in general and the iPhone in particular, storage is always a problem that make users feel anxious, especially if you have a habit of taking photos and storing multiple applications on your mobile phone. So in this case, if you have no enough money to buy the new phone, what can you do to fix the limited storage? Refer to the article below intermediately.

If you want to know how storage your iPhone can contain, you can check iPhone memory before purchasing. In the case of the iPhone alarm out of space, we can apply simultaneously the following instructions.

The reasons leading to the iPhone alarm out of space is that the users have used up storage memory on their device hardware. In the previous article, instructed you how to fix iPhone 6 full memory errors when booting or installing new applications.

1. Find the applications using much storage 


You should delete some apps using much storage to save your iPhone memory.  Acess to Setting => General => Storage & iCloud Usage => Manage Storage. After finding them, you can actively turn on, turn off or even removed when not in use or rarely use.

2. Delete the applications you do not use 

If you are in the habit of downloading any apps you like, even you do not use them any longer, lets change this habit now. You should take a few minutes to surf your phone, check the unused applications and delete them. It is quite simple to delete apps on the iPhone. You just keep and click on this application until a X icon appears. Click on it and confirm Delete.

3. Check your music list

Similar to application, iPhone may have a number of songs you have never heard. Therefore, remove or reduce them or download a music online application.

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4. Setting Camera 

We cannot deny that video and photos is one of the main reasons make iPhone run out of storage quickly. Therefore, you can compress images, video by access to Settings = > Photos & Camera = > Optimize phone storage.

Note: Before tapping Optimize Phone storage, you must activate iCloud- Image Gallery first.

5. Manage iMess chats

There are a few people pay attention to this but in fact, message is one of the main causes affecting the memory of the iPhone. You can access the Settings = > Message = > Message History = > Customize time to delete messages automatically.

6. Store data in another place

You should put the data on iCloud, computer or USB to reduce storage in the iPhone.

7. Clear Safari cache and history

If you use Safari to surf web every day, browsing history will be saved in the History section, so they also use much space on memory. You should go to Settings = > Safaris = > select Clear History and Website Data to eliminate them.

That is how to fix iPhone run out of space. You can learn some tips that help to liberate iPhone memory quickly. In general, it is quite easy to do. Moreover, it is common that many users use iCloud to store their data; therefore, if it is full, you should also delete the old data. Check iCloud storage on iPhone/ iPad and clear the old or no longer used data on iCloud.

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