3 ways to unlock iPhone/ iPad if you forgot passcode

3 ways to unlock iPhone/ iPad if you forgot passcode
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Almost iPhone/ iPad users use password to screen lock thanks to the high security capabilities as well as its usability. Taken as a whole, password is one of the basic security solutions on the iPhone or any smartphones iPhones. If you have upgraded to iOS 9, a standard passcode will contain 6 number. In addition, if users are more careful, they can select text passwords or passwords with more than 6 numbers. Apple also allows users to choose passwords with only 4 numbers the default option for iOS before iOS 9 version but you should not do this. However, apart from the advantages, password would turn to obstacle when users forgot their password to unlock for objective reasons or subjective.

To troubleshoot this matter for you, Feedstorm.info will give you 3 simple ways to unlock the iPhone, iPad in the article below.

  1. Using iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with computer you synchronized before.

Step 2: Open iTunes. If it requires Passcode, try another computer you synchronized before using Recovery Mode

Step 3: Wait until iTunes synchronize and finish back up. Select Restore.

Step 4: Select Restore on iTunes Back Up when you are in Set up Screen.

Step 5: Select your device in iTunes. Look on time and size of data and select the suitable data.

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  1. Using iCloud

Step 1: Access http://www.icloud.com and log in by your Apple account. If you do not know how to log in iCloud account on Windows computer or Mac, you can refer some article in here.

Step 2: Click on All Devices to see all device list. Select iPhone/ iPad/ iTouch what contain the passcode need to delete.

Step 3: Click on Erase to erase all data and passcode. After completing, you ought to use the latest back-up version to reset all data. Then you can access into iPhone without passcode.

Note: You only can use this way when you activated Find My Phone Feature on iPhone already. This is available feature on iOS devices and it is very useful in the case your phone is lost because the user can establish important data again.

  1. Using Recovery Mode

If you tried two above methods but it still lock, you can try Recovery Mode

Step 1: Turn off and disconnect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Tap and keep Home button while connecting device to computer. The line “Connect to iTunes” will appear on iPhone screen after few minutes. Then you do not need to keep Home button.

Step 3: Tap Ok and click on Restore iPhone. Find the previous backup data and do in the same way.

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These are 3 ways to help you to unlock your iPhone if you forgot passcode, which are refered

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